Escape in Ruidoso Stay Package

Choose this 2 Ruidoso Redhead Stay Package for an adventure filled ‘Escape’ In Ruidoso. This 2RRH Experience can be combined with any Cabin Rental: A real-life escape game. Test your skills in these interactive puzzle solving experiences! Fun for family, friends, and team-building.  2 Escape Rooms included in your package!

Prohibition Bar

The Inconspicuous bar is hiding in the dark alleys of the city. Only regular customers know the way, including you-close friends of Skinny Tony, the owner of the establishment. But here comes a sudden police caid and you have only 60 minutes to clean up the evidence at the bar and sneak through the back door. Dare you find and escape in time?


Cabin 51 

An unsolved disappearance from an old hunting Cabin leaves questions unanswered. Will you investigate to shed some light on the cover up of the century?

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